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Classification of 2ml autosampler vial
Date: 2021-01-26
In the classification of chromatography consumables, autosampler vials can not be ignored as a consumables; According to the capacity of the autosampler vial, the quantity of 2ml autosampler vial is the largest. In your usual experiments, which specification of the sample bottle is often used?
autosampler vial with insert
2ml autosampler chromatography vial can be divided into different type, according to the mouth of the vial. There are crimp autosampler vials, Screw top autosampler vial and snap finished autosampler vial. 2ml Screw top autosampler vial is the very common one in chromatography experiment.
2ml crimp top autosampler vial is used in liquid chromatography and gas chromatography experiments. All of autosampler vials are made of borosilicate glass. ND11 2ml crimp top autosampler vial can compatibility with all kinds of autosampler. As autosampler vial application, autosampler vial can also divided into HPLC vial and GC vial.
2ml HPLC vial
2ml Crimp top autosampler vial require lacquered aluminum crimp cap and PTFE septa, which are relatively inexpensive. When properly assembled, the aluminum crimp cap provide the best seal for long term storage. But crimp top aluminum seals are not reusuable. In chromatography experiment, 2ml crimp vial is used in GC.
HPLC vial factory
With Aijiren 2ml autosampler vial, you can ensure that the sample is not indirectly affected by the analysis flow path and achieve direct measurement. This comprehensive solution is not guaranteed by other suppliers. It can make your samples receive minimal interference from sample injection to detection, thereby maximizing analysis efficiency.