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Chromatography Autosampler Vial with cap and septa
Date: 2021-01-21
It's not just the laboratory sample vial...
HPLC vial will affect your analysis results and the return on your instrument investment.
We tend to think of the sample vial as a simple, inexpensive part that does not affect the analysis results. However, disqualification autosampler vials, caps and septum can cause sample loss, contamination and damage to the autosampler needle.

1.5ml chromatography vial is common sample vial. which chromatography vial can be application in Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography analysis. This volume of chromatography sample vial accounted for almost 80%, so this autosampler vial can also be called HPLC vial and GC vial. As the vial mouth shap, the HPLC/GC vial can be devided into screw HPLC vial, crimp sample vial and snap autosampler vial. Which one autosampler vial is suit for your chromatography instrument, you should confirm the instrument model, firstly.
Then confirm the vial you need. You can only tell our business manager the product No. and quantity you need or leave your message to us, you will get precise quotation.
please choose the suit autosample vial for instrument.

1.Choose the Autosampler vial as volume

Aijiren supply sample vial and storage vial from 0.3uL--60mL. Please confirm which volume sample vial you need, then leave the Product No. as below pictures. You can get free sample and precise quotation.
choose autosampler vial

2.Choose Autosampler vial as mouth shape

Please leave the product No., Like No.3, you will get the quotation about 9mm short thread screw HPLC vial with graduation. 

    A.Screw Thread autosampler vial

      Aijiren 9mm Short Thread screw top vials

These HPLC screw vials is made of borosilicate glass, 11.6x32mm, which have a unique 9mm thread design that allows you to screw on the caps. This screw HPLC vial is compatible with robotic autosampler. This thread is much higher on the top of the vial allowing space between the bottom of the thread and the shoulder of the vial.
9mm screw autosampler vial

      Aijiren 8-425 Screw top HPLC vial

The 8-425 screw HPLC vials are made of borosilicate glass, which size is 11.6x32mm. 8-425 screw HPLC vial are preferentially used on instruments of the following manufactures:Beckman, CTC, Gilson, Knauer, Shimadzu, Spark, Varian, VWR (Merck®)/Hitachi, etc
8-425 screw autosampler vial

      2ml 10-425 Certified Screw top HPLC vial

The sample vial standard is 4.6mm and large opening is 6.0mm, certified vial size is 11.6x32mm. 2ml screw autosampler vials are available in both clear and amber glass. 2ml screw autosampler vials come with a variety of closures and septa.
2ml 10-425 sample  vial 

      4ml 13-425 Screw Autosampler vial

4ml Screw Sample Vials are made of borosilicate glass, which size is 14.5x45mm. 4ml Sample vial is packed in a cleanroom in reclosable, tamper-proof evident PP-Boxes. For storage purposes also available with closed top screw seals.
4ml screw chromatography vial

      15-425 Screw Sample/Storage Vial

this 15-425 Screw sample vial is available in 8ml (vial size: 16.6x60mm) and 12ml (vial size: 18.5x65mm), which is mainly used in large volume sample. 8ml and 12ml sample vial can also used for storage sample, so this 15-425 screw cap sample vial can also called glass storage vial.
8ml glass sample vial

     B. Crimp Top GC Sample vial

1.5ml/2ml crimp aluminum cap sample vial is mainly application in GC, GC/MS experiment, which size is 11.6x32mm. This crimp GC vial standard is 4.6mm and large opening is 6.0mm, which equipped with aluminum caps. The 11mm aluminum seals have 6mm openings in the centre.

crimp GC vial

     C. Snap Top HPLC autosampler vial

Aijiren Snap top HPLC vial is made with more glass in the neck area of the vial than the crimp ring sample vial. The HPLC vial size is 11.6x32mm; the Poly snap cap is designed for use with the Snap Seal. this snap vial will fit virtually any crimp finish vial with any liner thickness.
snap sample vial
All of glass sample vials can equip different septa and cap, please leave the product No. you need, our business manager will recommend suit septa and cap for you.