Zhejiang Aijiren is a one of the largest laboratory consumables manufacturer in south of China, which mainly supply HPLC vial, GC vial, Headspace vial, Closures and septa, pad and lid for vial, micro-inserts, micro-vial, COD test tube, EPA vial, TOC vial, Glass reagent bottle, syringe filters and other lab consumables. Aijiren HPLC vial has exported to more than 32 countries; more than 4200+ clients have been serviced by Aijiren. Please confirm your autosampler model, firstly. Then choose the suit HPLC vial. Aijiren business manager will give you technical service in 7x24 hours.
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Zhejiang Aijiren Technology
Zhejiang Aijiren Technology,Inc is a global supplier of life-science, chemistry, laboratory consumables, etc. Our major products are high performance liquid chromatography & gas chromatography consumables such as Chromatography Autosampler Vials with closures, inserts...
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