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2ml chromatography autosampler vial application
Date: 2021-11-10
The 2ml chromatographic autosampler vial is controlled by borosilicate glass, so the chemical inertia of 2 ml chromatography autosampler vial is better. During use, the inertness of 2ml autosampler vial reduces the risk of ghost peaks in the analytical sample. So you can have confidence on experiment results. Ajiren can offer a variety of 2ml autosampler vials, such as polypropylene HPLC vial, crimp top vial, snap cap vial and screw cap LC-MS vials.
Aijiren autosampler vial
In chromatography experiments, placing the samples in 2ml autosampler vial is a critical step. Due to the variety of samples analyzed in the same batch, there is no difference in appearance. 2ml autosampler vial with writing area solves the problem of sample mixing. After sampling, using marker pen immediately marked in the writing area, even on the chromatography instrument can clearly know the sample being analyzed.
2ml HPLC  vial sampling
2ml autosampler vial in the same batch is sampled by the chromatograph's autosampler needle using random sampling method. The probe should be able to sample large particles and reach each location in the batch. If the same batch of samples has been thoroughly mixed during processing, it is assumed that all particles in the 2ml autosampler vial are evenly distributed and representative samples can be collected. However, when the particles in 2ml autosampler vial are unevenly distributed, the aggregated sample should be a accumulation of several small incremental samples taken from many different locations throughout the batch.

There will be no difference in the same batch of Aijiren 2ml autosampler vial, so you don't worry about the quality of autosampler vial during use. Consistent vial-to-vial and batch-to-batch performance means less time to troubleshoot and re-run samples, improving experimental efficiency and saving experimental time.
2ml autosampler vial application
Aijiren has more than 10 years of experience focusing on the production and sale of chromatography consumables, 2ml autosampler vial have been exported more than 32 countries. Choose a safe and reliable chromatography autosampler vial, Choose Aijiren.