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Lab glass reagent bottle with GL45 screw cap
Blue glass reagent bottle
Material:Glass/Borosilicate Glass
Screw cap:GL45 or GL80
Color: Clear & Amber
Application: Storage reagent bottle
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Lab Glass Reagent Bottle with GL45 screw cap price
Lab reagent storage bottle is also called media bottle, which is optimal for storing biological fluids, reagent, culture media and a multitude of other nonaqueous and aqueous solutions. This glass reagent bottle is widely used as lab bottles, lab jars and teaching uses.
The white marking area is clear to label for security and accountability, and the graduation is also very easy to identify. Both the graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant.
The amber glass can effectively avoid light.
Lab Glass reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle Feature
  • 01
    Glass material can be used in lab and teching scene
  • 02
    Plastic GL45 screw cap not needed septa
  • 03
    High temperature resistant Glass
  • 04
    Could assembled with cap and septa, use them instantly to save time
  • 05
    Strict quality control to ensure size consistency from batch to batch
  • 06
    It has good chemical performance

Lab Reagent Bottle
Glass reagent bottle can be application in laboratory Chemical Storage, teaching and hospital
Chromatography Analysis
Chemical Analysis
Scientific research
Storage reagent
Reagent Bottle Parameter
Glass Reagent Bottle with GL45/GL80 plastic screw cap
Gl45 glass reagent bottle Capacity(ml) Diameter of Body(mm) Height(mm) GL
100 56 100 45/80
250 70 138 45/80
500 86 176 45/80
1000 101 225 45/80
2000 136 260 45/80
Packing and Delivery
Quality Control Check
check 10mm screw vial check package box
chromatography vial package HPLC vial package
vials in box 2ml vials delivery

 Glss Reagent Botte Test Report

2ml chromatography test report vials in blood analysis
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