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Lab glass reagent bottle with glass stopper
ground glass mouth reagent bottle
Material:Glass/Borosilicate Glass
Cap:Glass stopper
Application: Reagent storage
Package: Carton
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Large mouth Glass Reagent Bottle with glass stopper price
Applicable to all industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities laboratory for storage of various chemicals, reagent solutions. The large-mouth reagent bottle is used to replace the small-sized specimen bottle for storing geological specimens or for taking petroleum samples. More as a bottle for chemical reagent packaging.
large mouth reagent bottleground glass reagent bottle
How to use-- Wash and dry the reagent bottle during use, and then load the substance to be stored. Whether it is to store solid or liquid substance, it is better to use a funnel when loading, which can reduce material loss. After the storage material is placed, the cap is tightly closed. If it is easy to deliquesce or volatile substances, seal the bottle mouth and bottle cap with paraffin or sealing film after plugging the bottle cap.
Lab Reagent Bottle Feature
  • 01
    Glass material can be used in lab and teching scene
  • 02
    Glass stopper easy to keep
  • 03
    High temperature resistant Glass
  • 04
    Could assembled with cap and septa, use them instantly to save time
  • 05
    Strict quality control to ensure size consistency from batch to batch
  • 06
    It has good chemical performance
glass jar
Large mouth Glass reagent bottle can be application in laboratory Chemical Storage, teaching and hospital
Chromatography Analysis
Chemical Analysis
Scientific research
Storage reagent
Large mouth Reagent Bottle Parameter
Glass Reagent Bottle with GL45/GL80 plastic screw cap
reagent bottle with glass stopper

Capacity(ml) I.D.(mm) O.D (mm) Height(mm) Qty/Ctn
30 24 40 65 160
60 28 46 85 144
125 36 57 105 80
250 42 70 130 60
500 50 85 165 48
1000 55 106 190 24
2500 77 145 280 8
Packing and Delivery
Quality Control Check
check 10mm screw vial check package box
chromatography vial package HPLC vial package
vials in box 2ml vials delivery

 Glss Reagent Botte Test Report

2ml chromatography test report vials in blood analysis
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