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0.3ml screw top plastic micro-vial for chromatography analysis
0.3ml HPLC vial
Finished: Screw/Snap top Vials
Materail: plastic
Color: Clear & Amber
Application: Lab chemical analysis
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0.3ml Plastic Micro-Vial Description
0.3ml plastic HPLC micro-vials is made of polypropylene, 9mm screw top and ND11 snap top are available. This plastic HPLC micro-vial can be used on all common autosamplers due to their technical geometry, preferentially they are found on Aglient, HTA, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Varian, Waters and so on.
0.3ml HPLC Micro-Vial Feature
  • 01
    Plastic material confirm the vials have good tightness
  • 02
    Screw and Snap neck design for HPLC
  • 03
    Cone bottom and wide opening for easy sample injection
  • 04
    PTFE/silicone septa has excellent chemical inertness, acid and alkali resistance
  • 05
    Compatible with most autosampler
  • 06
    Eiffectively protect the injection needle
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cone bottom HPLC micro-vial
cone bottom HPLC micro-vial
ND9 and ND11 cap are selection
ND9 and ND11 cap are selection
Amber and Clear are available
Amber and Clear are available
0.3ml Plastic Micro-Vial can be used in HPLC. This HPLC micro-vial is mainly used for expensive sample, it can help the injector to maximize the number of samples taken. Especially in Life science and technology(research and validations), Food safety.
HPLC plastic micro-vial can compatible with all autosampler.
Accurately capture improve efficiency
Easy to record with write spot
Precision data in lab
HPLC micro-vial Parameter
1. 9mm Thread screw plastic vials
  high recovery screw vial PP screw vial PP amber screw vial
Part No. VP901 VP1101 VP101 VP103
Description 1.5ml Amber 9mm Screw top plastic HPLC micro-Vial, 11.6*32mm 1.5ml Amber Plastic 11mm Snap top plastic HPLC micor-Vial, 11.6*32mm 0.3mL Clear plastic 9mm HPLC Screw micro-vial, 11.6*32mm 0.3mL Amber Plastic 9mm HPLC Screw micro-vial, 11.6*32mm
2. 9mm screw cap and septa
  HPLC vial PTFE septa Red PTFE septa Blue closure with Septa 9mm screw cap for HPLC vial
Part No. S944 S91 SC9191 SC9291
Description Pre-slit Blue PTFE/White Silicone Septa, Φ9*1mm White PTFE/Red Silicone septa, Φ9*1mm 9mm Blue short Screw PP Cap, 6mm centre Hole 9mm Red short Screw PP cap, solid cap
Packing and Delivery
Quality Control Check
check 10mm screw vial check package box
chromatography vial package HPLC vial package
vials in box 2ml vials delivery

4ml Screw vial Test Report

2ml chromatography test report vials in blood analysis
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