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Aijiren Barcoded GC autosampler vial and septa in application
Date: 2021-08-21
Clear identification of samples and their traceability is a fundamental requirement in today's laboratories in all steps from sample preparation to completion of analysis. Especially with high sample throughput and progressive automation, automatic data transfer via barcodes is an important part of efficient and cost-effective data management. Aijiren gas chromatography barcode autosampler vials are the product of efficient and rapid analysis.

GC autosampler vial

Aijiren is a manufacturer of gas chromatography vial, and GC autosampler vial meets world quality ISO9001 certification standards. Barcode printing can be carried out on GC autosampler vial according to the buyer's needs after the gas chromatography autosampler vial has completed the inspection process. After the barcode printing is completed, the quality inspector will carry out a second inspection of the GC headspace vial to improve the quality of the vial. The GC autosampler vial can't be packaged out until the inspection completed. In order to avoid the confusion of barcode information, barcode GC autosampler vial and caps are packed in batches.
GC vial septa

The choice of gas chromatography autosampler vial cap and pad is also particularly important. The different materials of septa vary greatly in experiments.

 Septum Material  Specification Temperature 
 PTFE/Red Rubber The most popular and economical choice for general gas chromatography application. These septa are used primarily for routine analysis  in gas chromatography. They offer moderate resealing ability, but are not recommended for multiple injections or storage of samples.   -40--110°C
 PTFE/Silicone Good for multiple injections or storage of samples due to its excellent resealing capabilities. The white silicone is soft and more easily punctured, and protectes the needle in an autosampler accordingly  - 60--200°C
 PTFE/Silicone Slit  Same as above, with an additional slit in the center providing easier needle puncture, especially for large diameter and blunt tip needles. However, this will result in evaporation of volatile organic solvents, and is thus bot recommended for storage of samples -60--200 °C
 PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Recommend for the most critical applications such as ultra trace analysis or where there is a longer period between injections or for internal standard methods   -60--200°C

Gas chromatography provides new experimental scholars and experts with a detailed overview of gas chromatography (GC) analysis methods. At the same time, gas chromatography provides the necessary information about selecting columns and components, enabling the reader to assemble customized gas analysis systems according to specific needs. Whether it's a lab operator, separation scientist, graduate student, or academic researcher, the Ajiren Chromatography autosampler vial can help with your research. Aijiren also teamed up with the manufacturers of gas chromatography instruments to set standards for the selection of gas chromatography autosampler vial, enabling researchers to avoid the failure of experimental results due to the quality of the chromatography vials.