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Does your chromatography sample need Micro-insert for autosampler vial?
Date: 2021-10-12
In chromatographic experiments, a very critical step is the preparation of samples. Due to the particularity of some samples, the volume of samples available for analysis is often a little. At this time with the conventional autosampler vial to load the sample can not complete the experiment. In response to the problem of a little volume and very valuable sample being analyzed, the micro-insert for autosampler vial is an experimental consumable derived from this demand.
micro-insert vial

Micro-insert for autosampler vial are generally made of high-quality glass and polypropylene plastic. Micro-insert for autosampler vial in the production process is the whole molding; Seemingly simple micro-insert requires very high precision during the production process. The center point at top and lower ends of the micro-insert must be in the same straight line. It can ensure that during use, the injection needle will not be damaged by touching the tube wall of micro-insert for autosampler vial.
vial micro-insert
From the shape of Micro-insert for autosampler vial, Aijiren can provide conical bottom and flat bottom. There are some micro-inserts for autosampler vial with mandrel interior's and Polymer feet forms. In the course of use, micro-insert with mandrel interior’s and polymer feet forms can effectively cushion the force of the injection needle puncture, preventing the chromatography instrument needle from touching the bottom of the vial and damage.
autosampler vial micro-insert
Micro-insert for autosampler vial must be used with the corresponding autosampler vial. Commonly used with autosampler vial, such as 8-425 thread screw vial, 9mm short thread HPLC vial, 10-425 thread autosampler vial, ND11 Snap top chromatography vial, ND11 crimp top LC sample vial. There are also micro-inserts for 4ml 13-425 screw sample vials, but this is not common.

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