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Replacement Screw caps with PTFE Silicone Septa
Date: 2021-10-20
Chromatographic sample vial, Screw Cap and PTFE Silicone septa are large quantity demanding in laboratory consumables. During the experiment, some analyst will repeatedly clean vials to recycle using, but Screw cap and PTFE Silicone Septa can’t be reused, which results in the market demand for Screw lids and silicone PTFE septa is more than the demand for 2ml sample vials.
9mm screw thread cap
Replaceable Screw caps and PTFE Silicone septa are relative to LC sample vial, Screw cap with PTFE Silicone septa originally purchased together. Screw cap is generally made of polypropylene, the raw materials go through the mold press in high temperature. On the outside of Screw Cap, there are some knurled lines, which can facilitate the grasping of the robot arm; On the other hand, the knurled lines can strengthened structural strength of Screw cap.
Screw cap produce
One side of the Septa is PTFE material, the other side is silicone material; After a special process, PTFE and Silicone firmly together. The chemical inertness of PTFE is stable, thus ensuring that the samples analyzed are not contaminated. Silicone is soft, can effectively fill the gap in the lid, thus playing a good sealing. Of course, as a cap and septa manufacturer, Ajiren can provide customized services for cap and septa.
PTFE septa produce
Be sure to know the size and model of your original Screw cap before you buy a replacement caps and PTFE silicone Septa. If you really do not know the original size and model of Screw cap, you can take photo of LC sample vial, then send the photo to us, we will recommend standard Screw cap and PTFE silicone septa according your sample vial.

Aijiren is a manufacturer of laboratory chromatography consumable, and replacement screw cap and PTFE silicone septa are only a small part of what we can offer. If you have any questions about laboratory chromatography consumables, you can inquiry us, E-mail:[email protected] whatsapp:+8618336073276.