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LC vial cap with Pre-slit septa OEM
Date: 2021-10-22
Chromatographic sample vial according to the type of vial mouth, there are common vial mouth type: Screw thread, Crimp Top, Snap top. In order to solve the sealing of different chromatography sample vial, the manufacture of various types of alternative caps and septa are obvious. Aijiren supply spare caps for all autosampler vials. Choose from a variety of cap and septa to suit your experiment.
LC vial cap and septa
8-425 Screw top PP cap, 9mm Screw PP cap, 10-425 wide opening screw cap, 13-425 standard screw cap and 24-400/ 24-410 screw cap are available in Aijiren. Those Screw caps are made of polypropylene. So it can resistant of high temperature. Aijiren Screw cap solves the problem of long cracking times, so this Screw cap can be used repeatedly.
Screw cap produce
As the product line expands, the phenolic resin lid is provided by Aijiren, which also breaks through in terms of high temperature tolerance. After the customer's experimental test, Aijiren 11mm snap cap can withstand 190°C. At the same time, Aijiren can also produce GL32, GL45, GL80 Screw cap for media bottle and reagent botte. At present, in our products, mobile phase bottle safety cap, safety Screw cap and so on are also mainstream products.
Safy Screw cap
The quality of the septa determines the results of the chromatographic experiment. In order to prevent septa falling into the sample vial during puncture, the pre-cut septa has been widely used. Aijiren can provide pre-slit septa with "--" and "+" type. Of course, there are some customers need "Y" type pre-slit septa, Aijiren can also provide. No matter what kind of septa you need, Aijiren can provide you with customized services.

LC vial cap with pre-slit septa OEM service, Aijiren is the best Choices.