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9mm autosampler vial Screw thread cap
Date: 2021-10-27
9mm autosampler vial can be compatible with Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo fhiser, Varian and Combipal instrument in common market. So 9mm Screw Thread cap equipped 9mm autosampler vial is large quantity demanded. Aijiren can supply 9mm autosampler vial with Screw thread cap in wholesale price.
9mm glass vial with screw cap

In chromatographic experiments, if the 9mm autosampler vial is not damaged, some laboratories are repeated after cleaning. Here's a reminder that for the accuracy of the chromatographic test results, choose a new chromatographic sample bottle. If your experiment is limited, you can choose the cost-effective 9mm autosampler vial from Ajiren. Aijiren 9mm autosampler vial can replace Amercia famous chromatography company vial.

Aijiren can supply 9mm autosampler vial Kits, which includes 2ml clear or Amber certified glass vials and pre-slit or Non-slit ultra pure silicone / PTFE septa, which fitted in 9mm screw caps with matching threads for optimal vial sealing. Before you buy it, you should confirm the color of Screw thread cap with Supplier. 9mm Screw thread cap common color is blue. Aijiren can also supply black, yellow and orange.

9mm screw cap for HPLC vial
9mm Screw Thread cap for liquid chromatography vials can be used as replacement caps. That is to say, Aijiren can provide vial without caps and provide screw thread cap alone. Choose the right size screw cap for chromatography autosampler vial is very important. The 9mm autosampler vial and screw thread cap with septa is produced in Clean 10000 workshop, so the consumables is no need autoclavable.

autosampler vial factory

Select cap and liner material for your 9mm autosampler vial application. Screw caps with pre-slit septa for 9mm autosampler vial is on sale. welcome to inquiry E-mail:[email protected] whatsapp:+8618336073276.