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Date: 2021-10-29
The interior wall of the 9mm thread glass autosampler vial is designed and manufactured as a whole by the glass tube, with the internal surface uncoated or treated in any way. Some of the reagents analyzed are special, the inside of autosampler vial is treated with silane. 9mm Autosampler vial with certification are generally treated with silane. This means that the basic compounds do not adhere to the glass until the sample needle is extracted, making the analytical data more accurate, especially if the abundance of the analytical material is low.
autosampler vial product line
The unique manufacturing process of the 9-425 threaded autosampler vial bottle is that it does not use any grease or additives; because grease or additives will increase the pH of the vial. Generally speaking, the pH of water in the autosampler vial (over 4 hours) will increase by 1.5 pH units. In addition, this unique process does not bring metals such as sodium or magnesium to the surface, nor does it add any metals, which makes them ideal for LCMS, GCMS, biological analysis, or when metals are chelated with your samples.
autosampler vial kits
9mm sample vial kits contain vial and caps. The Aijiren screw cap has rolling flowers on the side, providing excellent grip when the sampler grabs the vial. The septa are made of ultra-pure silicone rubber and PTFE. This septa is ideal for HPLC, LCMS and LCMS/MS. Compared with the market-leading "HPLC Certified" brand, the quality of Aijiren sample vial and cap are equivalence.
9-425 autosampler vial
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