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ND11 Crimp top 2ml autosampler vial
Date: 2021-11-05
11mm Crimp top 2ml autosampler vial is mainly used for liquid chromatography and gas chromatography analysis. Crimp top 2ml autosampler vials are designed and manufactured to stringent standards under the quality system registered to ISO9001. So Aijiren 11mm crimp top 2ml autosampler vial can be replace famous brand autosampler vial.
11mm crimp top vial
11mm crimp top autosampler vial aluminum caps, septum, and inserts prevent leakage and sample loss due to evaporation. Like Aijiren ND11 autosampler vials, The autosampler vial components receive the same high level of attention during design and manufacture. They also work seamlessly with crimp top 2ml autosampler vials so complex runs proceed smoothly.
Crimp autosampler vial
ND11 crimp caps provide additional security for food, forensics, and other applications for which you want to avoid sample tampering. Aijiren also recommend a crimp-cap vial if you are working with volatile compounds. Depending on chromatography experience, crimp top cap autosampler vials tend to be best for GC and GC/MS applications.

11mm crimp top autosampler vial 2ml are the only vials that deliver time and cost savings. This glass autosampler vial made from borosilicate glass 3.3 and glass 51, which will not remove analytes from sample martrixes. Thicker glass walls help eliminate cracking during clamping and a unique packing box keeps vials safe during transit and storage.
2ml autosampler vial
Aijiren is ND11 crimp top autosampler vial 2ml manufacturer, the service team is always available to provide fast, expert assistance service. Welcome to inquiry, E-mail:[email protected] whatsapp:+8618336073276