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2ml Clear Vial Screw top with customized Septa
Date: 2021-11-17
2ml clear vial is 8-425 screw thread, 9mm short Thread and 10-425 widely opening Screw top. 2ml clear vials screw top are manufactured of Clear, Type I Class A borosilicate glass. To be easily record and identification sample, 2ml clear screw vial is available with a standard graduated and write-on patch.

2ml clear vials Screw top are the original, standard opening vials. So it can compatible with most chromatography instruments. Explore Aijiren mainly supply screw top vials and caps including borosilicate glass and polypropylene vials, max recovery vials, and micro-vial inserts. It is that find just the right Screw top vial protecting your precious samples.

2ml clear vial screw top with customized septa are available from Aijiren. As we all know, 2ml clear screw vial is conventional standard products. But septa can be supplied in customized services. In special industry, the size and thickness of septa requires customized. Such as 8-425 closures requires 8mm septa.

2ml clear vial screw top with customized septa is designed resistant high temperature. Aijiren equipment gasket production equipment, can achieve automatic cutting. The gasket hardness is controlled within industry standards to prevent the gasket from falling off.

Aijiren is lab chromatography vial and septa manufacturer, which are looking for the world distributor to cooperate. In future, you can get Aijiren 2ml Clear vial screw top from distributor centers. Make sure that your order 2ml clear vial Screw top with customized septa reach your lab within 48 hours.