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how to distinguish whiskey quality used 2ml HPLC vial?
Date: 2021-03-03
Experimental parametersExperimental parametersis expensive wine, Can we get a way to tell analytically if there was a difference between top shelf whiskey and lower quality whiskey. So Gas chromatography MS is the fastest way to analysis. Of course, 2ml autosampler vial is needed in this experiment.
HPLC vial
2ml HPLC vial Experimental
As the lucidity, the experimenter looked for 5 different whiskeys to test. The small sample of each of whiskeys injected into 2ml HPLC vials. Because the main element of whiskey are ethanol and water, the experiment is not too difficult. The experiment used MXT-Wax Column.
When whiskey samples injected into 2ml HPLC vial, the Gas chromatography instrument began to work. The experimenter do run the experiment in standard. But he found serverl studies that showed the composition of the sample and the chromatogram match almost exactly in retention times.

Whiskey Experimental parameters
Lucidity MiniGC Conditions  
Carrier Gas Helium
Control Pressure
Flow 1mL/min
Split 10:1
Column 30 m x 0.25 mm, 0.25 μm
Injector 250 °C
FID 300 °C

Analysis from the 2ml HPLC vial sample, There were 8 main peaks for each of the whiskeys. They were as follows:
1. Ethyl acetate
2. Methanol
3. Ethanol
4. 1-Propanol
5. Isobutyl alcohol
6. 3-Methyl-1-butanol
7. Acetic acid
8. Phenyl ethyl alcohol

whiskey sample vial

Each of these elements are responsible for some of the distinctive taste and smells of these whiskeys. Each of these whiskeys had a different concentration of these compounds. The lower priced whiskeys had low concentrations of the ethyl acetate, isobutyl alcohol and phenyl ethyl alcohol and higher concentrations of acetic acid, shown in pic. This 2ml HPLC vial can be replaced by 20ml crimp headspace vialin this experiment.

In short, this is an interesting experiment. 2ml HPLC vial and GC instrument can tell us the quality of whiskey. In our life, 2ml HPLC vial can be widely used. Chromatography is close to our life.