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Aijiren new website open
Date: 2019-07-19
 The craftsman is focus on the Study and Research. Aijiren has devote into the field of chromatography consumables for 12 years, which main products are include HPLC vial, GC vial, MS vial, chromatographic vial caps and septa, test tubes, Syringe filters, and other laboratory consumables. At present, these laboratory consumables have been sold to 72 countries in the world, and strategic cooperation requirements have been signed with the world well-known instrument suppliers. In order to further meet the customers requirement, the production capacity of Aijiren is continuously improved. Construction of the new Aijiren factory has been completed. It is expected to start production in September this year. Let’s wait to see.
The new factory is equipped with standardized production workshops, GC-MS standardization laboratories and clean packaging rooms. In order to the general customers better know about Aijiren’s situation, Aijiren opened this new website. As the HPLC vial manufacturer, Aijiren will provide more free samples to customer for testing. We wish the attention of our customers and make valuable suggestions.