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Pre-cleaning of chromatography vial
Date: 2019-07-31

Pre-cleaning of chromatography vial

In laboratory process, ensuring the experiment results, Pre-cleaning of chromatography vial is an important part. As one chromatography vial manufacture, Aijiren put forward a series of chromatography vial pre-cleaning step. For reference:

glass bottle pre-cleaning

Cleaning steps of laboratory chromatography vial:

Acid pre-washing: Metal salt residues can be removed quickly and effectively.
Alkaline pre-washing: Organic matter can be effectively removed.
Main washing: Remove most of the ingredients
Neutrallzation: Remove the alkaline residue on the surface of utensils to achieve the best cleaning effect.
Wash: Further washing the chromatography vial, at the same time reduce the residue of abluent to a minimum.
Deionized water cleaning: Reduce ion residues on the surface of chromatography vial.
pre-chromatography via
Normally, The maximum in-bottle pressure that chromatographic vial can bear 0.4 Mpa.Aijiren chromatography vail manufacturer produce this vial, which can bear 0.45 Mpa. Chromatography vial cleaning solution enters the injection arm and nozzle under the circulating pump pressure drive. So the pressurized circulating water drives the spray arm to rotate, completing chromatography vial cleaning. The cleaning process can be recorded, traceable and verified.

The temperature of chromatography vial cleaning:

Temperature and surface tension of wash water: The temperature is higher, the surface tension is lower. The infiltration ability on the surface of glassware will be enhanced. So the appropriate temperature plays a good catalytic role.
Temperature and alkali abluent: Including KOH and NaoH, the higher the cleaning temperature is higher, the cleaning effect is better. But highe temperature cleaning can be put into effect by manual work.
Temperature and protein: That high temperature of cleaning will solidify the protein is the main reason, which the pre-cleaning process is carried out at room temperature, at begin. For different cleaning items, different flow rate and pressure are needed to ensure that the chromatography vial is not destroyed by excessive pressure.
glass bottle vial

After the above cleaning steps, chromatography vial can be sampled. As chromatography vial manufacturer, tip that:
1. In cleaning process, pressure must be controlled.
2. When purchasing HPLC vials, you must purchase quality reagent vial produced by regular manufactures.
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