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Chromatography vial manufacturer and price
Date: 2019-08-07

Chromatography vial manufacturer and price

Introduce chromatography

Chromatography is also named as sorptography and delamination method method. Chromatography is that separate the components from compound and then analyze the componts one by one. Chromatography's principle is that the components in compound have different performance in the stationary phase and mobile phase, so the components can be separated by dissolution, Analytical, adsorption, desorption. Chromatography has become an important method for analysis of various compound; but chromatography is not good at identifying reagent.

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Introduce chromatography vial

The classification of chromatography is complex. According to the difference of mobile phase and stationary phase, chromatography can be divided into gas chromatography(GC) and liquid chromatography(LC). Of course, different chromatography should choose different chromatography instruments. In a word, chromatography vial is an important part in chromatography analysis. Sometimes, chromatography vial determines the results of the experiment. When you choose the chromatography vial, you must not pay attention to vial price.

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Introduce Aijiren chromatography vial

Aijiren is one of the largest laboratory consumables manufacturer, which can supply GS vial, HPLC vial, MS vial and syringe Filters. Beacuse Aijiren is vial manufacturer, so you can believe the vial price is compared, whether you are end-user or agency, you will get compared price about chromatography glass bottle vial.
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