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In Sample vial closure competition, how to develop about Ajiren?
Date: 2019-08-09

In sample vialclosure competition, how to develop about Aijiren?

In scientific experiments, glassware is can be seen in everywhere. Chromatography glass bottle vial is one of the most important role in these glasswares. Chromatography sample vial has chemical stability, no contamination of reagents feature. At the same time, chromatography vial has high-temperature heating, light avoidance and other advantages, so it has been the main choice of reagent storage. Nevertheless, in order to occupy a place in chromatography consumables market, Ajiren as a sample vial manufacturer is constantly improving its production technology. After the construction of heat-storage glass kilns, glass melting technology ushered in the second revolution, that is the whole oxygen combustion technology.

vialclosure manufacturervialclosure manufacturer

Oxygen combustion technology has significant advantages such as low investment, low energy consumption and low pollutant emissions. In the United States, Europe, NNPB, bottle spraying technology are lightweight production of advanced technology. As a high-tech industry enterprises, Aijiren bring in NNPB technology, applying to the production of chromatography sample glass bottle vials. Not only is it improve the quality of the production of sample vial, but it is also improve the production function of enterprises.

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is one of the largest vial closure manufacturer, supplying chromatography vial, glass bottle vial, vial closure, septa, inserts, Crimper and syringe filters. Aijiren currently has 25 sample bottle vial production technology patents and 18 registered trademarks. This year, a new sample bottle vial and closure automation production is completed, the entire base covers an area of about 15908 square meters. Aijiren is moving to a leader in chromatography consumables.