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RFQ about closures and caps
Date: 2019-08-14

RFQ about closures and caps

Q. Do the rubber vial closures which Aijiren sell, contain natural emulsion?
A. Vial closures are made from natural red rubber and chlorobutyl-isoprene blend contain natural emulsion.

Q. What is the maximum heat temperature that the vial closures can withstand?
A. Closures are made from silicone or PTFE, which can withstand up to 200°C temperatures. The other material vial’s closure can withstand high temperature up to 100°C. It should be noted that all the septa can be sterilized by steam at 121°C.

Q. Is a polypropylene cap with poly-vinyl?
A. No. Please check the cap material Chart in each vial detail page. All of the caps are produced according to strict industry standards.

Q. How can I distinguish the thread size of my vial’s cap?
A. Please refer to “ chromatography vial and cap’s Thread standard” in the Knowledge item on our web site.

Q. Can I steam septa for aluminum crimp vial?
A. Yes. The crimp vial septa can be steam at 100°C at normal atmosphere for 30 minutes.

Q. Is the cap lining material providing the best gas/moisture barrier properties?
A. yes, the metal foil liner would provide the best barrier to gas and moisture transmission.
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