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Headspace vial prospect
Date: 2019-08-20

Headspace chromatography vial prospect

Headspace vial in Market

In recent years, the demand for inspection and testing has increased rapidly, and the large market demand has stimulated the rapid development of the inspection and testing instrument industry. Gas chromatography has been favored in the field of inspection and testing by virtue of its superior separation and analysis capabilities.
headspace vial

At present, frequent food safety issues have forced people to pay more attention to food. To ensure the safety of "eat", it is need the support of instruments and equipment. GS have excellent performance in agricultural residue detection, food additives testing, food packaging bags of harmful substances detection and other aspects.
Environmental protection has aroused the concern of people all over the world. GS can detect organic phosphorus in the soil, methylbenzene, benzene and harmful gases in air, and organic pollutants in water. The application of GS in environmental protection not only reduces the cost of analysis, reduces the detection time, but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data.

headspace vial

Headspace vial supply by Aijiren

Broad market prospects, so that gas chromatography industry has enough room for development. The market demand for Headspace chromatography vial, which are suitable for well-known chromatographic analyzers such as Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Waters and Shimadzu, is also growing. Headspace vial for sale by Aijiren. Aijiren is one of the largest vial closure manufacturer in south of China, which has updated produce technology of chromatography vial. The chromatography vial can be suit for majority chromatography instrument. If you need headspace vial, please inquiry us.