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The status quo of GC vial under the multiple development of GC
Date: 2019-08-26

The status quo of GC vial under the multiple development of GC

GC is a separation technique that appears with the research of petroleum, synthetic materials, biomolecule, etc. Since 1950, due to the development of gas chromatography separation technology itself, and the promotion of other disciplines, GC can be described as "step by step."

GS instrument

From 1995, PerkinsElmer launched the world's first commercial gas chromatograph instrument-- Model 154 GC, to the advent of the capillary GC column in 1958, GC quickly changed from laboratory research techniques to conventional analytical tools. At that time, GC vial, caps and closures still have some defects, which often affect the results of the experiment. Aijiren has been committed to chromatography vial, vial closures and caps research and development. AIjiren strive to achieve the largest chromatography vial supplier in China. In view of GC vial defects, Ajiren started from the material of chromatography vial, and made improvements in the sealing of the vial closure, developing a new generation of gas chromatography vials.

GC vial

At present, there are many GC vials on the market, the difference in price is even far. Aijiren is the largest chromatography vial supplier in south of China. Customers-centric, provide GC vial to meet customer needs. In the chromatography vial and septa purchase, choose Aijiren, choose professional.