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What is the focus about GC in different periods?
Date: 2019-08-28

What is the focus about GC in different periods?

After the 1960s and 1970s, the market demand for gas chromatography increased. Some highly sensitive, highly selective gas chromatography are quickly recognized by the market. After the 1980s, GC generally developed towards small size, rapid reaction, good selectivity and high sensitivity. The chromatography vial is also smaller and smaller in appearance. And the development of computer and software, so that the traditional GC has a higher sensitivity and stability.

GC history

More than half a century of development, GC constantly updated and applied to various fields. In many aspects of modern society, chromatography plays an important role. From the life of food and drug testing to the quality inspection in production, from the identification of substances in the forensics, to the geological survey of oil and gas exploration, as well as environmental protection, disease diagnosis, polymer analysis, physical and chemical research, can be seen GC. It can be said that GC has promoted the development of modern civilization to a certain extent.

GC vial

With the diversity of research reagents, chromatography vial which is equipped GC instrument is becoming more and more concerned. The user's focus on high efficiency, speed, high sensitivity, etc., chromatography vial material have type I borosilicate glass and low borosilicate glass distinction. Aijiren as chromatography vial manufacturer, supply amber and clear GC vial. When you purchase HPLC vial and GC vial, please inquiry us.