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Determination the content of benzene Series in Air by Gas Chromatography
Date: 2019-08-06
The Benzene is one kind of hydrocarbon, in other way, it is the simplest aromatics. Benzene is a sweet, flammable, carcinogenic, colorless transparent liquid at room temperature, having strong fragrant smell. Methylbenzene and xylene belong to the homologues of benzene and are the cracking products of coal tar fractionation or petroleum. Because of the harmfulness of benzene, benzene compounds have been identified as strong carcinogens by the World Health Organization. As one of the largest chromatography consumables manufacturer in south of China, Aijiren talk about GS analysis in benzene element in air.

GS vial analysis
Laboratory Part

Instrument condition: GC-128 Gas chromatography instrument
Injection  port: 180℃
Chromatographic column temperature: 50℃ (1min) 20℃/min 150℃ 10℃/min
Intosampling method: bypass flow(1:10)
Carrier gas: Nitrogen
Carrier gas speed: 30 cm/s
Chromatographic column: RTX-624  30m x 0.32mm x 1.8um
Detector: 240 ℃
Sample volume: 1ml
beneze vial
5 kind of Benzene serise sample 10 ug/L
air sample
Air sample

The determination of benzene series in air by gas preconcentrator combined with gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ionization detector can replace the method of activated carbon adsorption, carbon disulfide eluting and gas chromatography.  The method is simple and sensitive. In this lab, laboratory consumables can is mainly 10mm crimp headspace vial and chromatographic column. As a chromatography consumables manufacturer, Aijiren supply all kind of chromatography vial, GC vial, HPLC vial, septa, and cap. If you are interested lab, please contact us, Aijiren can supply headspace vial to test.
crimp headspace vial