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vial material-Borosilicate glass characteristics and selection
Date: 2019-08-12

Chromatography glass vial material standard

That silicate glass contain at least 5% boron oxide is referred to as Borosilicate glass. The ingredient of boricoxidation in glass is resistant to extreme temperature and chemical corrosion. Type I borosilicate has a minimum pH shift. It is highly resistant to water, neutral and acidic solutions, concentrated acid and acid mixtures, and chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic materials. The borosilicate glass has superior chemical characteristics than most metals and other materials. It can resistance above 100 temperatures of prolonged exposure and above 100 ℃. The linear of expansion of type 1 clear borosilicate glass is 33 or 51, and the linear expansion of the type 1 amber borosilicate glass is 51.
borosilicate glass

Clear borosilicate and Amber borosilicate

Glass type Principal use Density at 25 ℃ g·cm-3 Poisson's ratio µ
Young's Modulus x106N·mm-2
Stress, Optical Coefficient K10-6mm2·N-1
Refractive Index nd
(= 587.6 nm)
Thermal Conductivity λw at 90°C W·m-1·K-1
Amber Borosilicate Pharmaceutical packaging 2.42 0.19 71 2.2 1.523 1.2 200
Clear Borosilicate Pharmaceutical packaging 2.34 0.2 73 3.4 1.492 1.2 215

Aijiren chromatography vial material

Aijiren is one of the chromatography consumables manufacturer, when produce the chromatography vial, type 1 and type  borosilicate glass can be chosen. So when you purchase hplc vials and GC vials, please inform your requirement to supplier. As chromatography vial manufacturer, Aijiren will give you some purchase advices and recommend suit kind of vial for you. It can help you save your budget.

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