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Rapid chromatographic analysis methods and chromatography vial
Date: 2019-08-13

Rapid chromatographic analysis and chromatography vial and closure for sale

Rapid chromatography analysis

In chromatography, the resolution and speed of experimental analysis are often mutually constrained. With the development of chromatography industry, rapid chromatography analysis methods have emerged. The guiding ideology of rapid chromatography is to improve the speed of analysis under the premise of ensuring certain resolution.
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First, by reducing the resolution, under the premise of ensuring the completion function, the analysis speed can be improved by shortening the chromatography column length and increasing the velocity of the carrier gas. Secondly, by increasing the fixed phase selectivity of the column, shortening the analysis cycle under the premise of ensuring the resolution, and by selecting the appropriate gas type, Reducing the internal diameter of the column can also improve the speed of chromatography. In the selection of column type, the separation of the thoracic column to the complex component is better than the fill column, and the separation of the filling column to the simple component is better than the thoracic column.

Aijiren Rapid chromatography vial and closure for sale

The application of rapid chromatography in the industry also puts forward higher requirements for chromatography vial. Consider analysis speed and take into account the resolution, chromatography vial and closure in the production process should focus on material selection, firstly. In addition, the accuracy of chromatography vial size is important, too. Aijiren as a chromatography vail and closure manufacturer, has improved production technology, supplying special chromatography vials and closure for sale for rapid chromatography. This chromatography vial has made a special modification on the original basis, which has effect, especially for HPLC, MS analysis method. 
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