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Chromatography vial produce standard by AIJIREN
Date: 2019-07-29

Chromatography vial produce standard-AIJIREN

chromatography vial standard by aijiren

AIJIREN technology, Inc., is one of global manufacture of life-science, Chemistry Laboratory consumables, Etc. So Aijiren has Strict quality control system. China vial manufacture Aijiren put forward standard for all of their manufactured 11.6x32mm chromatography vials including the following items:

The Selection process

Before choosing the sample vial to test, we produced a maximum lot size of 50,000 vials, then randomly select sample vials for testing. The smaller manufactured batch size, the less mitigates variables that could potentially be found during long manufacturing cycles. Sample vial can be chosen at the beginning, middle and end of the produce. It ensure that the vials are average and randomly exposed during the entire produce. Each batch is assigned a number that is unique and traceable to the specific Aijiren vial data. Part of the process includes the annealing of the vials at temperatures exceeding 500 ℃.

The Test reagent: chromatography vial test in HPLC/MS laboratory

  • Mobile Phase (Methanol/Acetonitrile/Water)
  • Chromatography vials filled with 1.5ml of mobile phase
  • Finnegan MAT Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (Model TSQ 700) used under Negative Ion Electrospray conditions
  • Masses of 50-650 were scanned

The Testing data

hplc vial test data  GC vial data

Dimensional Certification

Dimensionally certified 100% by Camera Gauging for the following physical attributes:SCREW THREAD FINISH VIALS
  • 1. T: outer thread diameter
  • 2. E: inner thread diameter
  • 3. H: Neck height
  • 4. S: Distance from top of finish to start of thread
  • 5. Finish flatness
  • 6. Ovality
  • 7. Vial outer diameter
  • 8. OAL – Overall Length


aluminum cap
  • 1. Finish Diameter
  • 2. Flange (lip) thickness
  • 3. Finish flatness
  • 4. Ovality
  • 5. Neck height
  • 6. Vial outer diameter

After the experiment, the data test shows that dimensionally certified 100% by Length Gauging. All of the sample can be passed test. So when you choose the chromatography vail, you should judge the vial quality as those parts. Aijiren now offers a variety of certified chromatography vials, closures/cap and septa, tubes, Syringe filter, vial kits. If you are interested, Please inquiry us.