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chromatography screw and crimp vial specifications
Date: 2019-08-16

Chromatography vial specifiction

Screw vial specificaiton

screw vial specification  Screw Thread vial specifiction
 "T" = Outer diameter of the thread
 "E" = Inside diameter of the thread
 "ID" = Inside diameter
 "S" = Start of thread
 "H" = Distance from top of finish to shoulder for closure clearance

Crimp vial specification

Crimp vial specification
crimp vial standard  "T" = Outer diameter of seal
"E" = Crimp tool and robotic arm clearance
"ID" = Inside diameter
 "A" = Crimp seal thickness
 "H" = Distance from top to shoulder for crimp and robotic arm clearance
GPI is abbreviation by the "Glass Packaging Institute". The GPI is duty for establishing and issuing standards for the types and finishes produced by American glass manufacturers.  Aijiren as one of the largest chromatography consumables manufacturer, all of vials and septa, caps have get GPI certification.

In order to standardize the industry standard of chromatography vials, please referen:

8-425 neck thread vial is approximately 8mm in diameter across the outside of the threads. The 425 represents the style of thread.

Typical GPI specification found in the chromatography field are as follows:
8-425 Closure - Varian, Shimadzu
10-425 Closure - Waters Alliance 2690
13-425 Closure - Waters 48 position WISP™, Shimadzu 

Note: 9mm thread finish does not appear in the GPI finishes. It is not a standard finish. The 9mm closure and vial are used with Agilent equipment.